special packages

Pay It Forward & Pensioners’ Packages

We offer cash packages for individuals who would like to sponsor a person who is less fortunate to get a visual assessment, frame and lenses.  Different options are available for different lenses.  The frames have a one year manufacturer’s guarantee and the lenses are branded and not generic.  Pensioners who do not have medical aids qualify for this package.  People who would like to sponsor their gardener or domestic worker are also more than welcome to do so.

Package prices:

(Includes test, Kryptic Frame and lenses)

Single Vision:
Hard Coat:R1800.00
Anti-Reflective Coating: R1900.00
Photochromic Tint: R2100.00
Photochromic Tint & Anti-Reflective Coating: R2300.00

Hard Coat: R3200.00
Anti-Reflective Coating: R3700.00
Photochromic Tint: R3900.00
Photochromic Tint & Anti-Reflective Coating: R4400.00

Hard Coat: R4200.00
Anti-Reflective Coating: R4600.00
Photochromic Tint: R5000.00
Photochromic Tint & Anti-Reflective Coating: R5700.00