contact lens assessments

After the visual assessment has been completed, the ocular surface needs to be assessed to see if it is fit for contact lens wear.  If it is found to be healthy for contact lens wear, a pair of trial contact lenses will either be ordered or supplied (depending on the prescription).  An appointment will be scheduled where the trial lenses will be inserted into the patient’s eyes and they will need to wear the lenses for approximately three hours.  After the three hours the patient is assessed in terms of vision and comfort of the lenses on the eyes, as well as the way that the contact lens fits on the eye itself.

If the lenses do not pass the test, a new pair of trial contact lenses are ordered with different specs to fit better on the eyes.  If the lenses give good and acceptable vision and fits adequately on the eyes, the next step of the assessment follows which is training and instruction.

Here the patient is taught how to care for the type of contact lenses he or she received.  They are also taught on how to insert and remove the contact lenses in a safe manner.