David Fensham

David Fensham

David has been part of Rustenburg’s community since the early 80’s, having attended Laerskool Proteapark and Hoërskool Bergsig during his school years. He qualified back in 2002 at the then Rand Afrikaans University and worked for a group of optometrists for the next 12 years before deciding to open up his first private practice in Rustenburg at the end of 2014.

He has always been passionate about human behaviour and constantly finds himself chatting with complete strangers, be it in a restaurant or an airplane. During visual assessments, you’ll often find him enquiring about patients’ hobbies and interests in order to understand their visual needs better, which in turn helps in creating a more personalised pair of glasses for each patient. Run-of-the-mill simply doesn’t cut it for him.

The many patients who are still returning year-on-year are testament to bonds being formed and relationships lasting a lifetime due to the extra mile he walks in making sure they see well while also looking their best. He has a special interest in binocular vision and has a pet hate for inferior products (no Fong Kong products are sold at either of the two practices).

There is very little that gets him worked up, but bad driving and the non-use of indicators are two instances where he has to exert some very real self-control. He also plays golf and occasionally still swims and cycles, but not as much as he used to.

Hello there!  My name is Erané Grobler and I am the optometrist at David Fensham Optometrist Greystone Crossing.  I studied at the University of the Free State and I have been practicing optometry for eleven years now.

Being quite near-sighted myself, I feel that I understand my patients’ frustrations regarding vision very well and this helps me to provide them with service that has a more personal touch.

I enjoy reading up and following-up on ocular pathology cases that I see in practice.  I love keeping up to date with the latest technology that is available to treat and manage patients with ocular conditions.

I am married to Eugene and together we have a beautiful daughter.  We love watching series and movies, going on outings to watch concerts and shows and trying out new restaurants.

I am grateful to God for blessing me with the talent and ability to do what I do and that I can do it well.  It is a privilege to be able to change people’s lives and to give them the precious gift of sight.  Sola Gratia.

Erané Grobler

Franscina Dinake

My name is Franscina Dinake, my colleagues call me Fran. I am a mother of two boys and I am the eldest daughter in the family. I have been working at David Fensham Optometrist as a debtors clerk/frontliner since August 2023. 

I have been in the Eyewear industry since the year 2000. I am passionate about my work and get a lot of satisfaction from helping customers and people in general. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to work at David Fensham Optometrist and also to be close to my family. I have found a great work environment. 

I am an outgoing person who loves life. I have a diverse set of skills, from financial to customer service. It is very rewarding to see the results of my work, mostly seeing patients get the vision care that they need.

Hi my name is Sune Schoeman. I’m 20 years old and started working in the medical field when I was 18. I only started working in optometry in 2023 and it’s truly become my passion.  I live for my work.

I enjoy optometry because it is fascinating, it combines the intricate science of eye health with the rewarding aspect of improving people’s vision and quality of life.

The best part of my job is working with people and helping them.

Sune Schoeman

Nothando Jele

My name is Nothando Jele and I am the frontliner responsible for debtors and stock control at David Fensham Optometrist Greystone Crossing.  I have been working at DFO for close to a year, but I have been in the industry for more than eight years.

I am passionate about assisting patients and giving five-star service, always.  I am always willing to help, give advice and go the extra mile for every person that comes through our doors.

The greatest reward I get from my job is when patients are happy to receive their new spectacles and the reaction that they have to the products we recommend:  It never seizes to amaze me!